Happy LOVE Month!

October 14, 2020


“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” ~ Oscar Wilde

My focus has been on love this month. I have spent the month observing love in many forms, both internal and external. I have given and received much love, in many ways, throughout the month. It has been lovely (no pun intended) to witness, receive and be aware of the flow of love. Valentine’s Day has many celebrating a romantic day with a significant other. It can be a sad, lonely time for others. The musings in this Blog will focus on what I saw as perhaps the most important love of all, self-love.


I know, I know! It sounds so cliché. Perhaps even selfish to some. In my observations, one thing stood out to me. Across the board, I saw the common thread of an extreme lack of self-love. No matter the size, age, relationship status, income level or place in life, I saw a lack of love and care for oneself. It was actually a little disturbing to see so many people looking for love and acceptance from those around them, while treating themselves in such unloving ways. I don’t think anyone is completely immune to this. All the more reason to be unfuckwithable! I see self-love as the foundation to being unfuckwithable. If you are so at peace, so in touch with yourself, that no negativity can touch you, don’t you have to love yourself to be at that place?

This Valentine’s Day I decided to be my own Valentine. A little different I know, but why not?! Who says it has to be someone else that treats you special and showers you with love? Of course, it is wonderful when that happens. It can also be wonderful to treat yourself special. After all, who else is here for you throughout every moment of your life? Who else understands how hard you work and all that you have been through? Who else loves everything you love? Who else laughs at everything that makes you laugh? Who else loves all the same music you do? You are your own perfect company!


Those who know me, know I love chocolate. I start my day with a piece of chocolate. I love this special treat in the morning. For Valentine’s Day I had even more chocolate. I enjoyed having extra special treats throughout the day. I also love flowers. I wanted purple roses. I was delighted to find them the weekend before, while visiting my son. It was such a score for the florist in his town to have them, and to be open on a Sunday! I lovingly arranged them in a purple vase I had, while taking in the beautiful colors and scent of the roses. I even wrote a short love note to myself on the card. It might be a little silly, but it made me smile every time I looked at those roses. Every single time!


My son makes this absolutely delicious seafood vodka sauce. It is one of my favorite things. He made a batch over the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed some when I was there. He generously sent me home with a large container of sauce. Oh, yay!! Guess what I had for Valentine’s dinner?! Uh, huh! I lit candles and enjoyed this special deliciousness with a glass of a favorite wine. I soaked in the love that went into my son making this sauce, and him wanting me to have some. I savored every delicious bite! Happy, Happy Valentine’s Day!!



What do you love and enjoy? What are some special things you can do to show love and appreciation for yourself? Think of some ways you can be extra loving and kind to yourself. What can you do to take care of yourself physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally? Think of what nurturing you are most in need of right now, and do it! Make time soon for you. Be unfuckwithable, and put a date with yourself on the calendar. Even if only for a few minutes. Continue loving and taking care of yourself every month, not just love month. You are worth it!

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